OTA Testing

Advance Sub-6 & mmWave frequency RF solution

Solution Overview

Aethertek designed its OTA testing to accommodate both production and lab for radio performance testing. The solid-state switch allows efficient testing with 8 DUTs or 4 testers to 8 DUTs. Our IF range and mmWave frequency range Up Down Converters are there to replace expensive testers which saves both time and cost for you. We provide effective shielding boxes in standard models, and customized options, together with antennas that are designed for both sub6 & mmWave testing requirements.

ota test with rf switch, up down converter, and shielding box


4P8T RF switch for OTA testing

4P8T RF Switch

Aiming at usage in mass production, the solid state 4P8T switch allow a longer lifetime comparing with typical electro-mechanical switch.

Up-Down Frequency Converter

24-30 GHz Up Down Converter

Aethertek 24-30GHz up-down converter is designed for 3GPP n257, n258 and n261 applications and testing solutions.

37-40 GHz Up Down Converter

Aethertek 37-40 GHz up down converter is designed for 3GPP n260 applications and testing solutions.


Shielding box for OTA Testing

RF Shield Box

Pneumatic RF shielding boxes are essential for reliable RF testing devices such as Mobile Phones, Bluetooth, and WLAN.


Antenna coupler for OTA Testing

Antenna Coupler

Antenna Couplers are designed for use in assembly testing, and near-field, over the air testing. It covers a wide bandwidth frequency, and is suitable for testing inside a shielding space.

Horn antenna for OTA Testing

Horn Antennas

Used in OTA, far field testing. Aethertek horn antennas is able to cover high frequency testing from 24.25GHz to 43.5GHz.

Vivaldi Antenna for OTA Testing

Vivaldi Antenna

Aethertek Vivaldi antenna are suitable for use in mass production testing, covering sub-6 frequency appliances.

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