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Pneumatic RF shield box is essential for reliable RF testing devices such as Mobile Phones, Bluetooth, and WLAN. They can fulfill both automation and manual production line setup. Aethertek’s RF shield box enables consistent and predictable measurement when a shielded test environment is needed. Therefore, they are ideal for mobile device measurement by providing stable and effective shielding performance. Moreover, the unique, compact, and economical design is optimized for medium accuracy measurement.


mmWave Test: SBX-8050, New OTA, New T877R

Sub-6 Test: SBX-8028, SBX-8040

Shield boxes for Mass Production

Mass production

Shield boxes with strong shielding

Strong shielding

Shield boxes with Built-in Sensor

Built-in sensor

SBX Series benefits and key features

Devices including mobiles/laptops/XR/VR/Car devices and etc in different levels of PCBA/ SUB level ASSY/Full level ASSY module usually do not have external antenna connectors. Thus a solid, precise radio communication surrounding is therefore needed via air transfer.

To provide a different level of radio frequency testing covering BT/3G/4G/WIFI/5G, Aethertek has a solid experience in RF testing industry. For example, capable to provide a full ODM/ OEM design/fabrication of shielding box design to meet the customer testing concept:

  • Reliable RF shielding performance between 0-45GHz
  • High precise inner dimension
  • Extra wide door and long stroke for larger DUT(Device under testing) support
  • Instrument integration capability
  • Operator anti-pinch detect
  • Long life and stable performance
  • Different DUT interface filter module
Sub-6 Shield Box Specifications
Model SBX-8020 SBX-8028 SBX-8040
RF frequency range 500MHz to 12GHz 500MHz to 12GHz 500MHz to 12GHz
Isolation rate > 80 db > 80 db > 80 db
Dimension W420xD603xH344 W482xD590xH433 W730xD681xH507
Weight approx. 40KG 42KG 69KG
Door stroke 300mm 300mm 300mm
DUT interface filter module USB-A 2.0 USB-A 2.0 USB-A 2.0
mmWave Shield Box Specifications
Model SBX-8050
RF frequency range mmWave 24GHz to 44GHz
Isolation rate > 80 db
Dimension W660xD578xH421
Weight approx. 60KG
Door stroke 350mm
DUT interface filter module USB-C 3.0

More Products

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Aethertek 24-30GHz up-down converter is designed for 3GPP n257, n258 and n261 applications and testing solutions.

Antenna coupler for OTA Testing

Antenna Coupler

Antenna Couplers are designed for use in assembly testing, and near-field, over the air testing. It covers a wide bandwidth frequency, and is suitable for testing inside a shielding space.

Horn antenna for OTA Testing

Horn Antennas

Used in OTA, far field testing. Aethertek horn antennas is able to cover high frequency testing from 24.25GHz to 43.5GHz.

Vivaldi Antenna for OTA Testing

Vivaldi Antenna

Aethertek Vivaldi antenna are suitable for use in mass production testing, covering sub-6 frequency appliances.

4P8T RF switch for OTA testing

4P8T RF Switch

Aiming at usage in mass production, the solid state 4P8T switch allow a longer lifetime comparing with typical electro-mechanical switch.

37-40 GHz Up Down Converter

Aethertek 37-40 GHz up down converter is designed for 3GPP n260 applications and testing solutions.

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