RF Front End Module

Aethertek’s active phased array antenna solves the technical challenges of 5G millimeter wave networks.

RF front end

Active Phased Array Antenna: IRIS/IRENA


Aethertek’s 5G antenna array is built with advance performance of up to 400MHz bandwidth which supports ultra-wideband.

High throughput capability

The characteristic of 5G NR ultra-wideband supports operational bandwidth up to 400MHz, therefore it allows wireless data transmission with high throughput capability.

RF front end


Communicate in 5G

Aethertek is bringing an innovative approach to the RF front-end design starting with antenna array, up/down conversion, and algorithms technology to ensure robust communication.

RF front end


Meet your custom demands

Aethertek’s IRENA 4×4 arrayed antenna similarly performs the same characteristics of IRIS. 

IRENA’s compact size means that she has the ability to meet different demands that are custom made for you.

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