Test & Measurement

Firmware Programming & Validation


  • Industrial application design
  • Stable and reliable electrical and mechanical performance
  • Comprehensive functions
  • Compact design


Hardware Specification
Support Programmable and Multi-Channel
Smart I/O control
Baud Rate(UART) up to 961200 bps
Programmable Battery power(2.5V-4.5V) with V/I monitor
Programmable VBUS power (4.0V-21V) with V/I monitor
DUT Load/unload sensor and position detect
Precision Pneumatic system on fixture control
System self-check(Power rail, standby current, and fixture status)
Minimum pogo pin pitch: 8mil
Fixture Size: 490mm x 220mm x 145mm
Software Specification
Friendly Graphic User Interface
Powerful command set to test script development
Smart Test script control
Multi-format log file
Integrate file server for production line request
Support Debug and Production Mode
Support Cycle test and validation


Best suit for use in production, testing process where it requires high precision, or automation test environments. Applicable with consumer electronics, PCs, smart phones, smart wearables electronics.

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