0.1-6 GHz

RF TestShield Box

CON-D-270 is a pneumatic operation shield box designed for consumer 4G electronic devices conductive test. It is optimized to perform between 0.5 GHz to 6 GHz with excellent shielding performance for mass production application. CON-D-270 can be customized with a variety of I/O options to meet testing requirements.


  • Operation frequency from 500MHz to 6GHz
  • 500MHz to 6GHz RF Isolation > 70dB
  • Designed for PCBA RF conductive test
  • Pairing with RF fixture which can support multi DUT test
  • Mass production solution for GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth, and WIFI..etc

Mechanical Specifications

Outer Dimension721x604x389(mm)
Opening Dimension721x604x540(mm)
WeightApprox. 46(kg)
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