Human Resources

(1) Employee welfare measures, retirement system and implementation

The company’s various employee welfare measures, advanced education, training, and retirement systems and their implementation, as well as labor-management agreements and various employee rights protection measures.

The company has indeed implemented various welfare measures for employees, which benefit employees in work, life, safety, health and other aspects, so that employees can enjoy a variety of protections in addition to regular salary, so that employees can work for the company without distraction. without worries

1. Various Welfare Subsidies

The employee welfare committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of various welfare programs, and handles the annual employee welfare plan and income and expenditure management. Provide marriage and funeral allowances, hospitalization condolences, employee travel subsidies, community activities, etc. In addition, all employees are provided with regular health check subsidies.

Specific implementation projects:

  • Organize a year-end dinner.
  • Subsidize expenses for birthdays, departmental dinners, weddings and funerals.
  • Organize various group activities and staff travel from time to time.
  • Organize community activities and intellectual lectures from time to time.
  • Implement year-end bonus and employee remuneration system.
  • Welfare funds are allocated to the employee welfare committee every month as employee welfare funds.
  • Insure employees with labor insurance and health insurance according to law, and conduct annual employee health checkups. Among them, the group comprehensive insurance premium is fully borne by the company, which includes death and disability insurance, injury medical insurance, major burn insurance, intensive care unit insurance, hospital condolences insurance, burn and scald ward insurance, etc. to fully protect the health of employees.

2. Employee Remuneration

  • The percentage or range of remuneration for employees, directors and supervisors stated in the company’s articles of association: According to the company’s articles of association, after deducting accumulated losses according to the current year’s profit status, if there is any balance, no less than 1% of the employee’s remuneration should be appropriated. Directors And the remuneration of supervisors shall not exceed 3%.
  • Estimated amount of remuneration for directors and employees in this period: No remuneration for directors will be paid in this period, and 1% of remuneration for employees will be included, totaling NT$5,012,242.
  • The distribution of remuneration approved by the shareholders’ meeting: No director’s remuneration will be paid in this period, and 1% of employee remuneration will be included, totaling NT$5,012,242, which is no different from the estimated employee remuneration and director remuneration in 2011.
  • The actual distribution of the remuneration of employees, directors and supervisors in the previous year: In 2010, there were still unrecovered losses in previous years, so the remuneration of employees, directors and supervisors was not distributed.

3. Staff Training

The company expects employees to strengthen their professional learning through continuous education and training. Aethertek also focuses on planning for the development of long-term talents through irregular book clubs or encouraging employees to learn more about various courses to broaden their horizons and develop their careers.

Implementation of employee internal and external training:

Number of Participants
Number of Hours Educated

4. Staff Retirement System

The company’s employee retirement system:

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Act, 2% of the total monthly salary is set aside as an employee retirement reserve, which is deposited in a special account at the Bank of Taiwan (formerly the Central Trust Bureau). And in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Law, handle the payment of employee pensions. Since December 102, the competent authority has approved the suspension of appropriation because the total amount of employee retirement reserve accounts complies with laws and regulations.

Since July 1, 2004, employees who choose to apply the pension system of the Labor Pension Act will be allocated 6% of their monthly salary to the individual pension account of the Labor Insurance Bureau.

5. Labor-management Communication

Aethertek creates a positive labor-employment relationship through a diverse and smooth channel negotiation mechanism. We accept suggestions from employees and actively deal with them. Regarding the protection of employees’ rights and interests, Aethertek not only complies with laws and regulations to formulate various policies, but also takes employees’ rights and interests into consideration. Labor-management meetings are held quarterly to discuss and formulate improvement measures based on the feedback from Aethertek’s employees. If employees have any unreasonable incidents related to the human resources system, working environment, employee benefits, forced (system) labor, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc., they can appeal or report through the following mailbox: [email protected]

(2) Protection measures for working environment and personal safety:

The company provides employees with a comfortable, safe and healthy working environment, such as purchasing high-efficiency water purifiers to provide high-quality drinking water, purchasing fruit snacks, etc. Security checks to ensure employee safety.