June 1, 2022

Heading to the hub of Microwave: International Microwave Symposium Denver 2022

Aethertek is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming 2022 IMS (International Microwave Symposium) in Denver, USA. We will be showcasing our Open RAN Radio Unit, mmWave AiM (Antenna-in-Module) and OTA test solutions supporting FR1 and FR2 mmWave bands at the workshop.

Open RAN Radio Unit

Aethertek’s Open RAN Radio Unit supports FR1 and FR2 mmWave frequency bands, and it is developed according to O-RAN standard Option 7.2, using eCPRI interface to connect with DU. In addition to the built-in FR1 antenna, it is also integrated with Aethertek’s mmWave module IRIS to achieve ultra-high-speed transmission with dual-polarization of 400MHz bandwidth. Through this seminar, we hope to cooperate with more O-RAN Alliance members with the focus on system integration.

Phased Array Antenna

IRIS is a highly integrated phased array antenna module (AiM, Antenna in Module), which combines a beamforming IC with a 64-element (8×8) antenna array. It performs precise calibration and optimization for each antenna element. To meet the requirements of mmWave high directivity performance, Aethertek’s IRIS provides excellent output power, outstanding directivity accuracy and exceptional transmission quality in the FR2 bands of n257 and n261. Not only does IRIS effectively diminish the difficulty for existing FR1 manufacturers to develop FR2 products, but it also helps design FR2 related products in a more economical and efficient way with our IRIS module.

OTA Test

Aethertek provides a series of UE test solutions for customers who look for economical OTA testing. In addition to the common FR1 OTA test, users are allowed to extend the traditional FR1 test range to FR2 mmWave frequency with the integration of Aethertek’s RF up down converter, makes it more cost-effective to perform mmWave OTA test in production.

We are excited and confident in accelerating FR1 & FR2 frequency bands technology development and applications in the global market with our mmWave product offering. We would like to invite you to booth #12036 to discuss our latest technology development in 5G. Can’t wait to meet you in Denver.