July 20, 2021

MWC Barcelona 2021 Recap

Mobile World Congress was held successfully from the 28th of June – 1st of July, both in-person and virtually. The hybrid event took place as scheduled and attracted around 20,000 visitors’ attendance in person, and over 100,000 daily viewers online. Despite the fact that many top telecommunications companies weren’t able to attend physically, the spirit of the biggest technology event in the world did not fade this year and there were plentiful new launches coming from this event. This includes our AiM , specifically for FR2 band of frequencies and our Over-the-Air (OTA) solution which is designed to accommodate for both lab use and production line. Being a first-time exhibitor& attendee in MWC, it was exciting to see the entire industry accelerating digital transformation with 5G and we are proud to be part of it. As a test solution provider, our goal is to provide reliable solution to ensure that the wireless device has great performance at every situation. Here are our two primary display during the exhibition this year.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

A great wireless connectivity is an important criteria when consumers make a purchase decision. Brand builds trust with wireless device is well-functioning and ensures that customers receive the value they are expecting for. Aethertek’s OTA solution provides testing for various devices such as mobile devices, AP routers, and different wearables. We have successful experiences accommodating for mass production with products such as shield boxes, RF switch, up-down converter and embedded antennas such as Wideband coupler, Vivaldi& horn antenna both for sub-6 and mmWave frequency bands. Our market-ready up-down converter is here to replace expensive mmWave tester which saves our customer both cost and time.

Sub-6 Scenario

IF tester, RF switch, Shield box, and Antennas (Wideband coupler or Vivaldi)

mmWave Scenario

IF tester, up-down converter, RF switch, Shield box, and Horn antennas

RF Front-end module- IRIS

Millimeter waves are high frequencies waves, expected to play an important role in 5G networks. There is a different set of problems that need to be addressed by beamforming such as cellular signals tend to weaken over long distances and difficult to penetrate objects. Our live demo of IRIS showcased our mmWave beamforming transmission between our AiM. By focusing a signal in a specific direction, Aethertek’s AiM performed beamforming that allows transmitter deliver better signal quality to receiver. The industry wish to build the wireless network with beamforming and other 5G technologies that future smartphone, VR users and autonomous cars will depend upon.

Over-the-Air (OTA) solution
Up-down converter Integration

Reliable Solutions Provider in 5G era

It was an eye-opening experience to participate in MWC Barcelona this year. We witnessed various cutting-edge technology and a range of inspiring keynote sessions that manifest there will be a brighter and more connected future. As 5G brings changes to consumers and businesses, it also affects how engineers perform test. Wired testing is becoming less viable because of the tight integration in 5G user equipment. Due to the wireless users have increased exponentially over the past few years, we understand the importance of OTA testing for wireless devices. Therefore, we aspire to bring our expertise to the industry.

Aethertek has been providing technology solution to world’s leading consumer electronic products. Not only have we consistently delivered quality testing with our in-house engineering design and manufacturing capability but we have also brought our expertise to customers worldwide by offering both standard and customized solutions. As a reliable solution provider that helps our customer solve any challenge, we are proud of the work that will drive innovation across industry.

Aethertek is expecting for another return to MWC in the coming year, and we are ready to showcase more solutions to the world. We are thankful for those who stopped by our booth this year in Barcelona and we wish to see you again next year.

Aethertek Booth in MWC 2021
MWC Barcelona 2021 Venue